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Choosing the Perfect Font for Your Custom Designs

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​Sometimes choosing the perfect font for your design project is much harder than it sounds. It can be a very tedious and daunting task going through thousands of fonts. Each font adds its own unique style to the words.

Just like us, fonts have personalities. Not convinced? Imagine the New York Times logo in a cute, decorative font instead of its elegant font with fewer details.

You’ll come to find that fonts can be sophisticated, bold, whimsical, fun, loud, or straight to the point. And just like anything else in this world, identification is perception. If you use a fun, bubbly hard to read font with your classy product, how do you think that will influence customer perception?


  • What type of font (the shape of the letters).
  • What typeface style (boldness, angle, size, etc.).
  • Do you want serif where the letters have small flourishes or sans serif which have simpler lines?


Do you want a font comparable to hot pink shirt and cheetah pants, or do you want a simple, elegant black dress?

What are you using the font for?
The perfect font for your child’s invitation isn’t going to be the best fit for your business report.

Who is the design for?
Once it’s determined who the design is for should help you narrow down the type of font your should be using.

What message are you trying to convey?
Are you trying to say something important? Using a simple, clean font helps increase the chances of someone not only readying it, but also understanding it. You want your customers to know immediately what your brand is and what it does. Choose a relaxing font for your yoga studio or a clean font for your real estate firm.

Where is your font being used?
If you’re planning on using your font on a logo for your business to incorporate into your website, you’ll need to choose a web safe font. Many specialty fonts are not web safe. In order for a font to be considered web safe, it must be a common font in most operating computer systems so it can be viewed by almost anyone.

Will you be using the font in multiple ways?
If so, try to choose a font that has multiple font options such as bold, italic, etc.

What are you placing the font on?
If you’re planning on a busy background design, you’ll want to use a simple font so it can easily be read. On the other hand, if you’re placing your font on a solid, plain background, it opens up your options to using a more complex, decorative font.

Walking Mombie Design understands how important it is to find the perfect design for your project, that’s why we have compiled a list of fonts for you to choose from. Simply find the font you like and it’s coordinating number. When you place your order for your custom design, make sure to include the number for your font.

You can access our list of fonts anytime via “Choose Your Font” page. We will be adding to our font list so make sure to check back on a regular basis for new fonts!

​What font will you choose?

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