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Walking Mombie Design offers a large selection of beautiful high-quality digital papersclip art setsinvitationsparty decorationsgreeting cardswall artcustom designsplanner inserts, stickers and sticker printing, chore and potty charts, digital fabric designs, wrapping paper, holiday-themed products,  and those really hard to find designs and products!

Our digital products are available for download instantly once your payment has been processed. This means that you can download your files immediately, which means you can start creating that much faster!

All of our digital papers packs and clip art sets include a Personal Use License, as well as a Basic Commercial Use License for small, home-based business use (which automatically covers up to fifty products your create and sell using our design(s). Find out more about our basic commercial use license.

Walking Mombie Design also offers different Extended Commercial Use Licenses for an additional cost. Our ECU Licenses are for small businesses that are looking to create more than fifty products using our design(s). Find out more about our Extended Commercial Use Licenses.

We do offer Special Extended Commercial Use Licenses for fabric and ribbon printing for an additional cost. In order to purchase a Special Extended Commercial Use License, please contact us to discuss usage and for pricing.

Walking Mombie Design is always adding new products to our shop on a daily basis. We do our best to bring you unique, exciting products, however, if there is something specific that you’re looking for and not finding in our shop—we encourage you to contact us to let us know what it is you’re looking for. We are always more than happy to work with you to create what you need.

If you are a business looking to partner with Walking Mombie Design, please contact us.


Our Story

Independent Surface designer Petrina Burman creates beautiful designs and patterns for products.

Along with brand identities for businesses, I am an independent surface designer.

What is a surface designer (Surface Design)?

Surface design is creating artwork for the purpose of being applied to products or environments. This artwork includes repeating patterns (seamless patterns) or a stand-alone illustration. Her designs and patterns can be applied to:

Some companies employ in-house surface designers. Other companies purchase patterns from third parties like me. An independent surface designer typically licenses their artwork to a company for either a flat fee or royalties. For example, a fabric manufacturer might partner with a surface designer to create a collection of prints. The fabric company then pays a royalty per yard of fabric sold that features the artist’s pattern.

Surface designer markets for pattern design

Seamless repeat patterns are a subset of surface design and come in handy for fabric/textile printing, wallpaper, gift wrap, etc. The majority of my designs are seamless patterns.

Surface designs can help sell your product

I absolutely love creating patterns and designs that help companies sell goods.

Pairing the right pattern on the right product immediately creates a lovely chemistry. It’s all about finding a pattern or design that speaks to you.  Together we can boost not only your product’s visual appeal, as well as its emotional appeal.

As a surface designer, I can your company stay one foot ahead of your competitors with unique, appealing designs, patterns, and illustrations. I can also help your company stay on trend and keep your products fresh and new.

I love collaborating with companies and am always happy to help promote collaborations with my social media followers and subscriber list.

Working with clients on surface design projects

Take a look at my surface design portfolio. If you feel my style a good fit, please get in touch with me. I can show you existing designs that are available for licensing or purchase right away, or we can talk about creating a custom print or collection that fits your vision and style.

I love what I do and my customers benefit from that! I was born to create, born to make art, to design—and I’m just one of many who had the courage to stay with my trueborn identity. Art, design, and creativity have kept me true to myself, it has kept me human. Creating is not technology; it’s human intelligence over technology: designing, personalizing, editing. It’s physical. The manipulation of technology is what humans do, and that’s exactly what art is. Designing allows me to self-express, it helps not only myself—but also helps others to see the things in the world in new ways.